other plans

I had great plans for getting back on track with blogging this week. An 18-month update for Piper Mae, a recipe, and some new house photos.
Well, it seems life had other plans (as it often does). If you saw my Instagram you'll have already seen how Adri has been having trouble with her knee since Sunday night. It's not trauma related (she didn't hit or twist it) and it's swollen and she can't walk on it. Poor thing.
We went to Urgent Care on Tuesday (once I realized it wasn't getting any better), and they sent us over to the ER. We ended up spending over 7 hours at the ER (LONGEST day EVER), and they took X-Rays and did blood work. At the end of it all nobody still had any idea what was wrong. So we were sent home to make an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. 

Adri was a trooper (Piper too (I had both kids)), although she kinda lost it about the blood being drawn (she's never had blood drawn before). 

So Adri still can't walk, her knee is STILL swollen, and we have an appointment tomorrow to try and find out what is going on. All the blood work came back negative for infection, but they had to send out for the Lyme test (I'm thinking that there's a good chance it's Lyme Disease), and we are waiting on the results from that.

So there was our week, in a nutshell. That, and me lugging around the cutest little lame 40 lb child ;) 

Adam has off for the next few days and then he starts his new (and permanent) work schedule next week.
We are continuing to get settled in, and make things home. A little wrench was thrown in the works by the lame leg, but we are still having fun, staying busy, and hoping for some results tomorrow (at our Orthopedics appointment).

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Prayers for little Adri. Please keep us posted. Thinking of you all.

  2. Oh how scary for all of you!! Will be praying the knee gets well soon!!

  3. Oh my goodness. Sending up prayers for your sweet, adorable girlie! Praying for you to have strength and peace and for the doctors to have wisdom and knowledge of what is happening and skillfully treat your Adri.

  4. make sure you get her on antibiotics ASAP if it is lyme. nothing to monkey with - conventional doctors may fight you on the idea of lyme so get to a specialist or it will turn chronic for her whole life. God forbid! antibiotics in first 30 days crucial.

  5. get her on antibiotics ASAP if you think it is lyme - within 30 days of infection is crucial or it will perhaps be chronic her whole life with unpredictable effects. God forbid!! conventional doctors may fight you re: a lyme diagnosis. get the right testing. do your own research for precious Adri. find a "lyme literate" doctor near you. i have never commented on the internet for anything ever but just now signed up to make sure she gets the proper care asap. i know you just moved but timing is super important for her. i only ever see your posts once in a while - glad i saw this one! Love in Jesus...


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