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**I wrote this the other day and then completely forgot to hit the Publish button! Fixing that now and a new post is coming tomorrow**

The past couple of weeks have been busy, busy. With Adri getting Lyme (and a bunch of subsequent doctor visits), and both girls getting a stomach bug I feel like we haven't had time to breathe. Sunday morning Adri had a really bad reaction to the antibiotic she's taking and she broke out all over with hives. I stopped the antibiotic (she's taking a new one now) and is looking a bit better. Her entire body was/is covered with hives, poor thing.*

*she's MUCH better now and completely recovered.  

Photos of my cuties before they got sick with the stomach bug. I'm so happy they are feeling better. The weather has warmed up as well and we were able to take a walk and even visit the playground for a few minutes yesterday! 

Sunday night is our Pizza Night around here, but we missed it (I forgot) this week, so we had pizza night last night. We watched Smurfs and here the girls were eagerly awaiting the pizza arrival. 

Not so long ago the one on the left was a tiny baby, and now she's going to be FOUR years old soon! This was a VERY rare moment with both girls napping (Adri never takes naps) and it was so precious.  

This week is starting with nice weather and supposed to end with rain. We'll have to get in all our outdoor activities before Friday.

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Annie! I am so glad to hear the little ladies are feeling better. I was bummed to learn about them getting the stomach bug. I can't wait to see you again and think of you every day! xoxo

  2. P.S. I love seeing Piper in Evy's clothes. Yes!

  3. Aww, so glad to hear that the little lovebugs are feeling better. It's so exhausting when little ones are sick, for both kids and mama. I hope you didn't forget to take care of yourself, too!

  4. hi again! hope you find this as it's been a few days since your post. thank God you got clear diagnosis for adri, and now meds. hives... poor baby! i was awake through the night and praying for you guys. please google a film called "under our skin" - documentary on lyme. seriously educate yourself on this. watch for neurological symptoms. sending love from california! hang in there... love and prayers! : )

    1. Hi MaryBeth,
      Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers! Adri is doing much better, now. I actually *am* very knowledgeable about Lyme, since I grew up 15 minutes from where it first originated, in Lyme, CT. Growing up various family members were infected with Lyme Disease and checking for ticks and watching for symptoms is something that we are always aware of :)

  5. so glad to hear back, and that you have awareness! i couldn't not share when i learned about adri - just in case, out of love for you guys : ) praying for complete healing. you are a smart mommy! might want to check out that documentary anyway FYI. blessings to you all...


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