This Is Where You Belong (book review)

The past few weeks I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about this book and reading it. I was intrigued, one, because we are in the process of moving to a new state, and we have moved a lot in the past few years, and two, because Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) recommends it.
I'm pleased to be able to say that This Is Where You Belong did not disappoint. This is a wonderful book for anyone. And the best part is that you don't even have to be moving, or even thinking about moving, as these principles can be applied even if you have lived in the same area your whole life. 

Melody gives a breakdown in seven chapters of ways to explore, connect and put down roots where you live. The list includes, 

1. Walk more.
2. Buy local.
3. Get to know the neighbors.
4. Do fun stuff.
5. Explore nature.
6. Volunteer.
7. Eat local.
8. Become more political.
9. Create something new.
10. Stay loyal through hard times.

I'm writing down both that list and some of the other ideas, to keep handy since once we move, since I'm sure I'll want to find ways to connect to our new town and learn more about it (we just found out that there is a heifer parade every June!). 

Melody talks about how even though it is so common for people to move frequently, it's often because of a misconception that there is "something better" out there, and that dissatisfaction prompts people to pull up roots and move without first trying to actually connect with where they are currently living.

I found this book not only helpful, but inspiring, and the ideas that Melody gives are easy and simple. They are things that (for the most part) anyone can easily do to immediately connect more to their neighborhood, community, town, county, and so forth.

I definitely give this book a 5+ star rating!