Six Valentine's Day Books We Are Loving Right Now

Among many things happening this month, my littlest sister turns 13 on February 14th, which also happens to be Valentine's Day.  So there's double the reason to celebrate the "love" holiday.
I'm not really a huge Valentine's Day fan, to be honest. Adam and don't really do anything big or romantic (some years we do go out to dinner if we have babysitters). Anyway, that doesn't mean we don't have a nice little meal at home, make special cookies or a cake, and in the weeks proceeding the holiday read some Valentine's Dayish books.
Here are a few that I picked up at the library last week and we really like.

I Love Dad. This is an adorable little book (there's also a companion Mom book that goes well with it). It's filled with a bunch of things that a little dinosaur does with his/her dad, and all the things that dads love.

How Do I Love Thee?  This book is beautiful. It counts all the ways to love, moon, stars, oceans, and Spring flowers. Super cute and sweet, I give it a 10+.

You Are Kind. I'm sure everyone already knows how I'm not really a big fan of Dr. Seuss. However, I love Horton the Elephant, so this book was a win. Oh, and it rhymes!

All You Need Is Love. Based on the Beetles song this is a sweet little book with charming illustrations to go with the lyrics.

Mirabel's Missing Valentines. A shy little mouse, Mirabel is struggling to give her classmates Valentines. She then loses her cards on the way to school and they are found be people that need some cheering up. I really liked the illustrations in this book too. Too old for Piper, but Adri loved it (plus she could relate since she has two pet white mice).

Hug and Kisses for The Grouchy Ladybug. Eric Carle is one of my very favorite authors/illustrators, and this book is really great for small kiddos. I love the size as well.