settling in

Hello, hello! I feel like it has been a lifetime since I've been on here! Somewhere between packing, unpacking, setting up power, internet, forwarding mail, and exploring our new town I simply lost time for blogging. However, I'm back now and although my posting may be sporadic still for a little while, I'm slowly finding my routine, day by day.
The main reason things have been so out of whack is that Adam has had off work for the past two weeks. Having him home every day has been a huge adjustment and our regular daily patterns disappeared. He's starting his new job Monday though, and we are all looking forward "normal" life again.
We love our new town! We've ventured out each day and have begun to get our bearings. We are right across the river from New Hampshire (hello, no sales tax!) and have ducked in out of the state a bit as well.

The girls are settling in. They both love our new home and, to be honest, I think that they actually like living in a smaller space. We end up spending way more time together, and it is pretty cozy.

I still have mountains of books to unpack, and finding homes for everything is a bit of a challenge, since this house has way less storage than our previous 2400 sq feet (it's about 1500, give or take). Despite all that though, we are making it home and we really do love living here so far.

I'm sure I'll be back with more of an update after the weekend, but for now, hello from Vermont! 


  1. glad you are home and settling in..

  2. Sure have missed you Rosie. Glad you all are adjusting well and loving your new place. Can't wait to hear more and more about it.
    Hugs and love,

  3. Yay! A move is always a huge hurdle. We've moved over 6 months ago and I still seem to be settling down. Happy homecoming.

  4. Thanks for the are a FAST worker to be settling in so well already!!


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