on this day

  • Snow, everywhere I look. Piles and piles of icy whiteness, the aftermath of our latest Winter storm.
  • Hot coffee, with creamer, steaming in my cup beside me.
  • Two small wee ones, playing with dinosaurs on the living room floor, while Daniel Tiger plays in the t.v in the background.
  • Eggs and bread sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting to be made into Toad in a Hole for breakfast.
  • Laundry in a heap in the playroom, where it has been dumped for the past two days. I've been procrastinating on folding it. 
  • Boxes stack around me. I've come to hate moving with a passion and can't wait for the end of the month and to be settled in our new place. 
  • A doctor's appointment scheduled for later today, that I have serious doubts that we'll make it to, seeing we have all the aforementioned snow.
  • Freezing leftover pasta sauce from last night's dinner. To be used for pizza at some later date.
  • Placing a hold for the first season of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman at the library. I had forgotten how much I love that show.
  • Planning dinner, and I have no ideas. Maybe tuna in pita pockets? Something easy for this mid-week day.
I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!


  1. We had similar weather to yours with less snow. We had freezing rain mostly yesterday. Today is sunshine so we are feeling cheery! Moving is hard, but making a home in a new town and so much nearer to your families is going to be such a blessing.

  2. Used to make something with tuna (no name) that our kids and hubby loved, years ago. Toast with tuna mix (mayo, onions, whatever added) and cheese on top...put under broiler or in microwave a few minutes. Tacos and burritos (homemade from can of refried beans) were staples too. You are such a great cook I am sure you will come up with something. I sympathize with all the work of moving...indeed I do!! We are in our 29th place of my life (I am 66)...and it won't be our last (rental). Just do your best and somehow it will come together.

  3. I understand you so well about the moving. We're on our fifth house in a decade of marriage, and I definitely hope we won't have to move again anytime soon!


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