Visting in Connecticut

Hello! I've had a busy past week. We just got home from visiting in Connecticut and having a great time with my family. 
The big downside of the trip was that Piper was sick with a bad cold and fever the whole time, and now Adri has it. The result was an unhappy one-year-old and many sleepless nights.

It sure feels good to be home though. As much as I love visiting our family and friends I am a home-body at heart. 
Something that does have me very excited is that the little sisters came back with me to visit for a week or so. It'll be nice to have them here for a while. 

These are some of the photos from the past week, I do have more but they'll have to wait until next week. 

I'm off to drink my morning coffee and snuggle my Adri Rose that is sitting beside me on the couch. Poor thing has a fever and is watch Spirit on Netflix.

Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!


  1. It looks like you had lovely weather for your visit! My, Mosi and Anjuli look so grown-up and beautiful. I hope you all are in perfect health soon.


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