Snowed in

It's going on the fourth day of me not leaving my house. Adam heads to work in our four-wheel drive jeep in the early morning, braving icy roads, and then returns home. My car is literally buried in snow, and I have no interest or desire to go dig it out.
Honestly, with the single digit temps and the well below zero wind chill, I think I'd happily be a bear and hibernate the rest of winter.

Don't worry, I say all this and I'm sure the need to go grocery shopping will drag me out of my warm and cozy house at some point later this week (or maybe even today!).

The girls and I have been making the most of our housebound-ness though. Reading lots of Peppa Pig books, couch snuggles, a bit of baking, so many games of Candy Land, and Old Maid (I taught Adri to play the other day!), and more than a few episodes of t.v shows (Adri's into Power Rangers right now).

I must say, my house has never been cleaner. I tend to stress clean (no, it's not as good as it sounds), and with the usual "Winter Blues" that accompany this time of year, combined with watching too much Marie Kondo, I've been cleaning house. I have to confess. I love the sight of empty walls and clean floors. Too much clutter gives me anxiety, and while I'm fine with the mess of toys and projects that come with having kiddos, I hate MY mess. So, I've been cleaning and de-cluttering like crazy, and it feels so good. My rule of thumb; if I'm not going to miss it, or have to re-buy it, it goes. I'm not so much in the Konmari method of "sparking joy", and I think my technique is a more practical one (hello, kiddos, homeschooling, changing post-partum body), but it works for me.

Thank you for all your kind words on my Monday post. My mom was an incredible person. I miss her every single day, and although it's bitter-sweet, I often go back and read her writings. I'm sure, as many of you realize, Eyes of Wonder was one small side of her personality and life. However, it also was very much her. Her thoughts, the world how she saw it (through the camera lens), and her deep, deep love of words. I'm so happy that we do have so many of her writings (and not just on Eyes of Wonder) to go and read over. Sometimes it feels, in a very small way, like sitting down on the couch next to her and having a conversation.

Here's to a Wednesday filled with couch snuggles, work, and (I'm sure) a few games of Old Maid. If I'm feeling very, very brave I MAY go dig out my car and drive the 8 miles to the nearest town. We are out of all-important things, such as rabbit food, cat litter, and paper towel.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm with you on the Konmari method. I'm all for eliminating things that we don't use, and are just taking up space. Clutter makes me crazy too.

    Your mom will continue to bless you all and us through her words, and her loving heart. Each one of you will pass that on to your own children!

  2. Always love reading your posts Rosie. Also love the Konmari method and keeping my home simple.

    Thanks for sharing about your mom. I hope in time you will share more as you feel you are able and ready.

    You are a blessing to us all.

  3. After reading her books, I got rid of a lot of stuff that did not spark joy. A lot of it was for craft projects I either didn't do or (most of them), I had lost interest in through the years. It was time to let everything go and let them be actually used instead of staying in a closet or drawers.

  4. I'd happily throw out half the stuff in our house if my husband weren't such a hoarder :-) Your mom was and is a blessing to you all and to all whose lives she touched. Sending hugs and thinking of you guys.


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