Piper Mae: 16 months old

Look who is already 16 months old! Piper Mae is growing like a weed, literally. She's outgrowing clothes every week and is almost as tall as Adri Rose!
She's sweet and funny and already throws the world's biggest fits. 

At 16 months old Piper Mae can:

+Talk. She still doesn't say much (she can if she wants to though), but she can understand everything. 
+Climb stairs.

She loves: 

+Eating. All foods. Piper LOVES to eat. Popcorn is her favorite food. 
+Reading books. She loves to read and will get a book and come sit on the couch with me. 
+Playing hide and seek. 
+Watching Masha and the Bear (on Netflix).
+Riding in the Ergo (the baby wearing game is still going strong).
+Peppa Pig. 
+She loves taking showers and baths.
+Riding her P.J Masks car.

Piper keeps us busy and on our toes, but we sure do love her!


  1. I really love this post... Love that she fits in those pjs too!!! What a ham. Your pal J

  2. Those pictures are PRECIOUS! Love when children discover all that they can do and how it looks in a mirror. Happy 16th month birthday, little one. Praying for your oldest to feel better and recover soon.


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