Gathered From My Week

Happy Saturday!

This week was a crazy busy one, and I don't even know why. I do know that we spent a good deal of time snowed in, consequently missed two doctors appointments, and I wrote a lot of words (for work).

Okay, let's see what to start. Everyone here has been sick with bad colds most of the week and the wee ones spent a lot of time sleeping. Poor Piper was recovering when we got home, but Adri sick for most of the week.

We had to stop by brother Wesley's house because the chimney had come loose from all the snow that we got (they are now in Connecticut for the Winter and aren't planning on coming back here until the Spring). Sophie and I assessed the damage and then "fixed" it until Wesley is able to come up and repair it for real. Not sure why she's so happy in this photo, but I love it (I was taking a photo to send to Wesley to show him what it looked like).

Speaking of snow. It snowed for about three days straight. So much snow. Now we are surrounded by it and it looks like it will stay that way until Spring. It IS pretty though.

Julia had a birthday this week! (yup, I'm pulling her pigtail in the photo). She's out in CA visiting two of the brothers (they live there now) and having a blast. She also got past the waitlist and is going to see The Voice live (her favorite show ever) and she's so excited! I guess she was pretty convincing in her reasons why she needed to attend...

We made fish and chips (and onion rings) for dinner the other night. I think we over-estimated our hunger though. There are so many leftovers now. I honestly get so much use out of our little deep fryer, it's ridiculous. Not that we actually eat deep fried food all that much, but when we do it's so easy to cook with the fryer. And WAY less mess.

Today is another chilly and snowy day. Monday I drive the sisters back home so we are making the most of the next two days.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow, look at all that snow! Quite a winter wonderland. I always find I'm busiest when we're moored in because of the weather - not that we actually get too much done.


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