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Another throwback from the "Eyes of Wonder" days. I can't get over how this was not even that long ago, but everyone looks so much younger. My mom's words at the end of this post were never truer, "I know things will change all-too-soon as everyone grows, and some go their own ways. But, for now, I am really thankful for what is. Maybe, because I know in my heart that it won't always be so."

Also, this was a "snow day" in Connecticut. Ha. I'm laughing as we sit snow-bound, in our New York home with 2 feet of snow surrounding us (thank you for all your well-wishes about the storm. We didn't get hit that hard. It's cold and there's a lot of snow here but other than that the storm seems to be over).

happy hearts. happy home. happy tuesday.
Wednesday, February 28, 2007


If you wanted to gather up all tender memories, all lights and shadows of the heart, all banquetings and reunions, all filial, fraternal, paternal, conjugal affections, and had only four letters with which to spell out the height and depth and length, and breadth and magnitude and eternity of meaning, you would write it all out with these four capital letters:

T. DeWitt Talmage

If we would have a true home, we must guard well our thoughts and actions. A single bitter word may disquiet the home for a whole day; but, like unexpected flowers which spring up along our path full of freshness, fragrance and beauty, so do kind words and gentle acts and sweet disposition make glad the home where peace and blessing dwell. No matter how humble the abode, if it be thus garnished with grace and sweetened by kindness and smiles, the heart will turn lovingly towards it from all the tumults of the world, and home, " be it ever so humble," will be the dearest spot under the sun.

Golden Gems of Life

We had such a nice day together. My only regret was that Big Papa couldn't have been here to share it with us.

Wesley flew outside soon as he got here, with all the younger ones running out the door after him! Within no time, they had this huge snow fortress built and were lying in wait, good and ready to ambush James and Joseph (who were off running a couple of errands, together) soon as they pulled in the driveway. Although, if you will note in the above photos, the reality was *not*, in the end (well, actually the beginning, too, I guess :o), James and Joseph that got ZONK-ered, but Wesley--poor guy! I'm sorry to say, that apparently the "dear darlin' boys" had no mercy on their eldest bro!

Everyone enjoyed being outside for a nice bit. It was snowy-white, warm and wonderful. Snow on the ground, Spring in the air. It was the best!

We made a second attempt at getting photos of the littlest sweethearts, together, in their matching outfits that Rosie and I made for them (with better light during the day). But nope, only more bombers and bloopers of busy bees and intrepid explorers, inspiring and spurring each other on, whenever they're together. They're just way too fast for ole Granny and her persnickety camera. That's all there is to it!

Things quieted right down after the big snowball fight. The house looked like it had been turned upside-down and given a good shake once everyone had made their way in and gotten comfy--shedding coats, hats, scarves, and wet boots, everywhere (well, it seemed like it anyways! :o).

While Rosie finished up the chicken/tortellini salad, the little ones were busy with playdough, making a lunch of their own---which of course, in the end, they forwent, in favor of Rosie's.

Claire, found the greatest dvd at the library, that everyone flopped down in the living room to watch after they'd finished eating, called "Alone in the Wilderness". It's just a very simply done documentary type account of one man's day-to-day life; explorations and activities, in the Alaskan Wilderness--gardening, hunting, fishing, cooking, nature study. He builds his own cabin, singlehandedly--in two weeks no less--with no power tools, just a hatchet and a saw (having felled all the trees prior to the building), a chimney/fireplace--out of flat stones he'd gathered from a nearby creek bed. His name is Richard Poenneke and he's an incredibly gifted craftsman that works artfully, with amazing precision. It's so good. Really, I can't wait to watch it again! He also authored a book, called "One Man's Wilderness", his journals with photographs--that both Claire and I are hopin' to get to read.

Wesley, spent some time working on my "unhappy" computer, with Nicholai watching over his big brother shoulder, wide-eyed, drinking it all in. The little ones, finished up their cakes and shared them with us all. Josie took a nice long nap in 'the nest', after filling her belly up with mama's milk, and finally, Celeisa fell sound asleep, too.

And well, after giving 'his very last' in looking at my computer, you won't be surprised to hear that Wesley, too, joined the ranks of the weary he kind of crawled over to the couch, struggled to drag himself up, sprawled out........pplllttt.......and 'died'!

Ahhh, yes 'twas a truly lovely day, with the dearest of friends :o) And despite the abuse he endured, I'm sure, even Wes, would agree!

I was awake in the middle of the night, re-visiting the sweetness of the day, now passed; each of my children's faces, their voices, their laughter and shared love and relationship, each with the others. And, once again, thanked God for the immeasurable gifts, the simple, though priceless gifts; of my life, my home, my husband, my children, sharing sunshine, fun and laughter, conversation, music, good food, and these, for now, slow-and-easy days, just being together, as a family. I know things will change all-too-soon as everyone grows, and some go their own ways. But, for now, I am really thankful for what is. Maybe, because I know in my heart that it won't always be so.

I hope you enjoy your day today. It will be a busy one, here. Lots of stuff to do; a couple of errands to run, and the girls have piano lessons this afternoon. I'll have my small window of stories and sweet dreams with the little ones, early afternoon to re-fuel and get charged up for the second half of the day. The child in me looks forward to it and enjoys it, as much as the children do :o)

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. The Lord bless and keep you and yours.

Lovingly, Jewels


  1. Oh my, what joy it is to revisit your mother’s words and memories. Yes, the children were very young then - indeed time is fleeing.

    Happy Monday and stay warm.

  2. I loved Jewel's Eyes of Wonder blog and turned to it eagerly each day. Thank you for sharing this entry. Your mother was a special woman and you are continuing her work. Nancy

  3. i loved your moms blog/journal..

  4. Thank you for sharing....Your mother was wonderful.

  5. This is so touching. I could read this over and over. Thank you Rosie for sharing this with us. I continue to keep you all in my prayers.
    Hugs and love,

  6. So wonderful to read your precious mama's blog posts again and also the amazing pictures are priceless! The most difficult part of being a mother may be enjoying all those special moments and knowing "it won't always be so." Time goes too quickly. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Lovely read...thanks for sharing it. I am sure you are more than glad that your mom wrote so much and shared her heart so well!! Truly your family structure is what so many of us wish we had more of...and that you still do get together often!! I believe that is why GOD made families...I do think we were meant to be the main "social group" that we had. Blessings on you all!! Elizabeth

  8. Ohh, I remember that post so well! Precious words from a precious woman. You are so lucky to have had her, and she is and will be watching over you always. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. What a treasure your mama was.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely to see your mums words wonderful to have all her writings to go back to.beautiful words.
    Best wishes karen uk

  11. Ohhh your sister in law....I can't remember her name. That beautiful little baby of hers must be so big now!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing your mama's old, blog post. Herwriting always filled my heart and soul with joy and beauty.


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