winter afternoon tea party

I am fully aware that not everyone will enjoy these photos of yesterday afternoon's tea party (served with apple juice in place of tea) and therefore please feel free to simply skip over this post. 
However, if you'd like to see Adri Rose's masterpiece of about 15 stuffed animals gathered around our big old kitchen table, being served "tea" and animal crackers, please keep scrolling.


  1. This is so very sweet. Always love reading your posts. Hugs sweet Rosie.

  2. Children are so funny with all they come up with...I can see our granddaughter doing the same kind of tea party!! All the "stuffies" are important you know!! It is fun to see how your girls continue growing and changing...even in how they look too!! Cutie pies!!

  3. There is a girl after my own heart! What a delightful tea party! Well done, Adri!


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