Snowy Holiday Drink (recipe)

I've talked in the past about how one of my very favorite things to do is to create a new mixed drink. I think I really hit the jackpot with this snowy holiday one! It's both easy and delicious.  And, bonus, you get to use snow ice cream! 

You will need: 

Milk-about 1/2 cup.
Clean Snow-about 2 1/2 cups.
Sugar-3/4 cups, maybe more, depending on how sweet you want it.
Vodka- 1 shot.
KahlĂșa- 1 shot.

To make:

Mix the snow, sugar, and milk all together in a bowl. You want it to start to just melt and everything to be slushy.
Pour mix into a cup.
Pour vodka, and then KahlĂșa slowly over the top (they trickle down into the snow cream). 

Serve immediately. 
Makes enough for one large drink.