Friday Favorites: Christmas week edition

I'm back with Friday Favorites! Let's have a little look at the past week or so and see some of my favorite snaps, courtesy of my phone. 

Piper, fascinated by that fact that Grandma had a Rudolph and Abominable Snowman as big as her.

The tree in all it's glory Christmas morning. 

At the library last week for Storytime. Adri was telling me a story with the puppet.

Piper, doing her thing. I think I was telling her "no" here, that she couldn't leave the children's area.

Adri's joy at making a "Christmas tree". We used ice cream cones and it was so much easier and simpler than a gingerbread house (we did make a gingerbread train already a couple weeks ago though).

Another day, another library. This one is closer to us, but we go to Storytime at the other one since it's the one I used to work at and we love everyone there :)

Besties for life (I hope). Julie and Chad's little one, Evelyn, and Piper hanging out. 

Grandma made Grinch pancakes with Olivia and Adri Christmas Eve morning. Grandpa (Adam's dad) is looking on. 

Tomorrow I leave for a week in CT and I have soooo much to still do before we leave. A house to clean, laundry to wash and pack, and work to wrap up. Our hot water heater is also not working so I need to figure that out, as well as set up some appointments. 
If I get some of this knocked off my list we may just try to make it to Storytime today. Or, who knows, I may just leave the list behind and go whether anything is done or not ;)

Have a great weekend!