Cozy Books To Read At Christmastime

I've slowly been adding to our holiday books over the years, and I just last week pulled out most of our Christmas ones and stacked them up for reading. I thought maybe others would enjoy some of them as much as we do, so here's a list of good and cozy reads for Christmas 2018.

+A Book Of Christmas. This is a fun little pop-up book, illustrated by Tasha Tudor. It talks about different Christmas traditions all over the world.

+Letters From Father Christmas. If you've never read this book you must. Every year Tolkien wrote letters to his children from "Father Christmas", and they wrote him back. They are compiled in this book, and simply enchanting.

+ Christmas. Susan Branch. There's no way to describe my love of her works. My mom loved her as well, and we'd buy Susan's books for her as gifts. These two Christmas ones (see below) are delightful.

+Unwrapping the Greatest Gift. Anne Voskamp captures the joy of the season and its meaning. This is a beautiful book for the Advent season.

+Unwrapping the names of Jesus. Once again, a wonderful Advent devotional. Something perfect to leave on the table and read a bit at dinner every night.

+Christmas. Not the same as the book above, although the title is the same. A wonderful little book to warm the soul.

+The Christmas Day Kitten. Ah, James Herriot. I grew up reading his books, and they are what inspired me to want to be a vet (alas, I let go of that dream once I found out all the years of college I'd have to put in). A cozy and happy Christmas read here.

+Spot's Magical Christmas. Who doesn't love Spot? My kiddos sure do. This book is a little long. It holds Adri's attention, but definitely not Piper's.

+Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas. Same as above. Adri loves it, Piper, not so much. We love Little Grey Rabbit though!

+Emma's Christmas. This book. If you haven't read it before read it now! So, so good. I love the illustrations too. It's for older kiddos, though (my children don't like it yet, but I do).

+Bear Stays Up For Christmas. We love the Bear books, and as Piper is obsessed with all things Bear, this one is well-loved.

+The Twelve Days Of Christmas. The title says it all. I really like the art in this one though.

+A Christmas Carol. Gotta have a traditional read. Fun fact. Growing up, every Christmas Eve we watched the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol and got pizza. I love the size of this version though, as it's fairly large.

+Little Blue Truck's Christmas. I'm pretty sure that I've talked about our love for the Little Blue Truck Books before on here. This is a cute Christmas one.

+How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Okay, being totally honest here, this is one of the only three Dr. Suess books that I like. That's right. I really don't like Dr. Suess. The Grinch is great though.

+Apple Tree Christmas. We had this book (like most of the others above) when I was growing up. I love, love, love this book. It's sweet, charming, and the illustrations are great as well.