Christmas 2018

Hello, hello! I hope each one of you had a very Merry Christmas. I know we sure did. It was full of family, food, and so many presents. 
We had a wonderful time seeing all of Adam's family and the girls (especially Adri) had so much fun playing with her cousin, Olivia. 
We also got to visit our friends, Julie and Chad on Christmas Eve, and that was really great hanging out with them. Little Evelyn (their daughter) has gotten SO big, She's a cutie too ;) 

Yesterday morning we packed up and heading home. The girls were so tired they slept almost the whole way, and Piper only cried for about 20 minutes total on the entire trip (yay!). 

We arrived home around 2:00 (after a stop for lunch)  and I got a sudden burst of energy to clean the house. Our tree died a very early death (like, at the point where we shouldn't turn the lights on for fear it would burn) so I had to take it down (with a shower of pine needles).
Today I have to go get some groceries (our fridge is distressingly bare) and we have to drop the jeep off at the mecanic for a repair. So, busy day ahead.
Adam has off until the day after New Year's Day and we are enjoying getting some family time in during the next few days.

Have a wonderful Thursday! 




  1. Ah, the cutie sweet and happy looking!! Glad you had a good time being with kin and friends!! Hope 2019 will be a better year for all!! (I sure hope that for us too).


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