after the weekend: gray and rainy

Happy Monday! 

We've had a busy past few days. Wednesday night my four sisters came up for a short visit and were here through Saturday. We did some Christmas shopping, took Adri to see her first movie (we saw The Grinch) in theaters, went to a Grinch Christmas party at a local bookstore, watched some Christmas movies, and had a great time. 
On Sunday we hung out, Adam made dinner, and we took things easy. Basically recovering from the past few days of busy-ness.
Hunting ends this Tuesday so Adam has been out every day trying to shoot another deer. So far no luck, but he's still got two days left ;) 

A big thank you to everyone for all your responses to my post on Friday. It sounds like there are many of you interested in the job! If I haven't gotten back to you yet I apologize, you should be hearing from me within the new day or so. In the meantime, the best this to do is to go and sign up, since I believe they are going to be reviewing the applications in the next few days. 

I'm off to clean, finish writing an article, and help Adri with her lastest Kiwi Crate (click that link and you get 60% off your first order!).

Have a great day!

(An accurate portrayal of how my house looks 90% of the time)