after the weekend: all the things

We had another quiet and lazy weekend. It was the last weekend of hunting, so Adam was gone both Saturday and Sunday until in the afternoon. I was able to get my house cleaned, read my book, catch up on work, and help Adri to decorate her Gingerbread Train (yes, she picked a train in favor of the traditional house). 
We were basically snowed in all Saturday, which wasn't as bad as it sounds. However, the snow let up a bit late morning on Sunday and I took the girls out with me to do some Christmas shopping (I'm all done now except for one gift!). 
Adam was back when we got home and we had another lazy afternoon, making (and eating) Mushroom Pie, catching up on t.v shows, and playing the new game that I got for Adri Rose.

For some reason the girls are not sleeping well at all lately and we've had way too many late nights/early mornings. Today they both woke up at 2:30 am and have been awake since. Piper took a short nap, but Adri is still going strong. Last time this happened she fell finally fell asleep at 10 am and slept for 3 hours. I'm working on a second cup of coffee and drawing on all the strength that I have for a LONG day ahead.

Meanwhile, in our wee morning hours I've been finding new shows for the girlies to watch and today we make a happy discovery of a short little film based on one of our very favorite books (we read it on a daily basis). If anyone else has Amazon Prime, some small ones, and is thinking of curling up with popcorn and watching something on a Winter afternoon I highly recommend this.

Have a wonderful Monday (and hopefully you got a bit more sleep last night than I did!)!

p.s is anyone interested in a What We've Been Watching Lately post? Other than this cooking related one that I posted last year (I think?) they don't seem to get a lot of traffic, so I assume (maybe falsely) that there's a lack of interest? Am I right? Wrong? Let me know!


  1. Thanks for the suggestion of Going on a Bear Hunt. My out of state grands are visiting (along with their parents) and it might be just what's needed this afternoon!


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