Winter Bucket List: 2018

We woke to more snow this morning! This was a little bit of a surprise since it wasn't forecasted in the weather. There's nothing like waking to a Winter Wonderland. As much as a hate snow I still think it looks pretty.
It's that time of year again when I write out everything that we have planned from this Winter season. I'm keeping it short, the same as Autumn's, since I feel like this year has been a particularly busy one and I need a break. But still, that doesn't mean we're not going to have fun, right?

Okay, here goes...

+read lots of books. 

+break out the Elf (he's arriving Dec. 1st at our house ;)).

+take the girls to see their first movie in theaters (I was going to take Adri to see The Grinch, but we got busy).

+go skating.

+take a trip to the Children's Museum.

+get our Christmas tree.

+bake cookies.

+make snow ice cream.

+watch alllll the Christmas movies. 

+write out my end of the year blog post (it's a LONG post to put together and usually take a week or so).

+make venison jerky.