Piper Mae at fourteen months old

Look who's a whopping 14 months now! This little love bug. She's so sweet, adorable, and LOUD. Getting into trouble and never letting me sleep (she wakes at 6am EVERY single morning) we love her so!

At fourteen months Piper Mae can:

Talk. Mostly single words, but she can also say ("here I am!", and "uh-oh" and "oh-dear!").
Stack things, play pretend, dig in the fridge, and hold her baby doll.

She loves to:

Read books.
Take baths.
Play with Adri Rose.
Eat (all the time).
Play hide and seek.

She has all her teeth in but two of the bottom ones and has a great big toothy smile. 
Her hair is also really growing out and getting long.

We love you Piper Mae!


  1. She's just darling! I love seeing your photos of your girls!

  2. Well, Mommy dear...if baby cannot sleep very long...maybe all that coffee bothers her!! I gave up most chocolate, etc during the time I was nursing...cause I really loved to sleep!! Heh!! She is cute indeed!!

  3. Gorgeous blue eyes! Sweet baby girl.

  4. She's so cute!!! AND...Piper and I have two things in common!! We both like to read books...and eat (all the time)! hahaha!! :o)


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