Halloween 2018

Happy November 1st! How is it already November? This year is FLYING by! 
We had so much fun yesterday, eating our traditional chili for dinner, dressing up (Piper HATED her costume), and trick or treating (Adri made out like a bandit in the candy department). It was supposed to rain but it held off until right when we were done walking around town (we always drive over to our old town to go trick or treating) and that made us pretty happy ;)  

So now today I'm going to be all about putting away the Halloween decorations and getting all ready for (my favorite holiday) Christmas! Don't worry, we don't skip Thanksgiving around here (it's my family's big holiday), however, since we'll be traveling (no family is left around here) there's really no point in decorating for it. 
So, onto everything CHRISTMAS (sorry, I  tend to go a little Buddy the Elf around this time of year)!


Yesterday morning we had sunshine out for the first time in weeks. It's been SO rainy and gloomy here and it was really nice to remember what some sun looked like! 

The one thing that keeps Adri Rose ALWAYS busy is play doh. She will play at the table for hours with it. We keep the table set up with everything and she just keeps going back to play. 

Adri has been wearing her Catboy costume for the past week, even to bed, and Piper hates her costume. She won't even let me put it on her! Oh, well, there's always next year, right?

This weekend I'm planning on taking the girls to the Car Museum that's in town. Adri is super excited (who knew she liked cars that much?) and has been talking about it all week (we are going while Adam is out hunting).
Other than that we don't really have any big plans.
Today I'm menu planning and preparing for our trip to town for Storytime and grocery shopping tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!