Current Favorite Children's Books

Now that the weather is chilly outside and we can't be outside as much as we would like we are reading more than ever (and, let's be honest, watching more t.v as well). Here's a little list of some of the books that we are currently reading and re-reading over here.

Ox-Cart Man. I love Babara Coony and Ox-Cart Man is a favorite. I mainly am reading this for myself, since the kids are not overly into it. However, as long as they are listening they can do whatever they like (look at books, play quietly)

Seasons books. There are four of them, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, and I love them all. It's a good way to teach the changing seasons to small ones! Oh, and they are alphabet acrostics as well, which I love.

The Mighty Bitey Creature. A cute, colorful little children's read. My kids love it.

A Unicorn Named Sparkle. I read these books to Adri when she was little, but we are now discovering them again. I'm hoping this time around she'll be older and more into them.

But First, We Nap. Super cute little board book. Not a ton of words, but I love the illustrations.

Bear Can't Sleep. My kiddos LOVE anything about Bears. This is a really good autumn book.

Time For Bed. We read this multiple times a day. It's hands down Piper's favorite book on earth. And no surprise, thanks to Jane Dyer's beautiful art.

Cranberry Thanksgiving. Anyone else LOVE this book? We read it all the time growing up. I'm always so excited to introduce my children to books that I grew up reading and loving. There's a Cranberry Christmas and a Cranberry Halloween as well!

Peter Pan. This version is a little old for my children, but they love the story so I shorten and edit it a bit and we look at the pictures. 


  1. I miss reading to little ones! Your lists are helpful to me though to find good books for my grandchildren!

  2. Lovely! With my older girls, we're now reading the really exciting stuff - Narnia, The Hobbit, Harry Potter... my 3-year-old is very into Winnie the Pooh and Dr. Seuss.


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