after the weekend: taking things easy

We had another really lazy weekend around here. Saturday we literally did nothing and just spent the day curled up in our p.j.s. Sunday we were a little more ambitious and went out to town to visit the Car Museum and get lunch.

Sweet and silly Adri Rose. She asked for me to take her picture (a rare occurrence around here!) and the one below of "Pipey".

Saturday we had a ham dinner, and now, as a result, we have so much ham leftover. I'm not even sure what to do with it all.

Another Saturday shot. Coffee, my flowering Christmas Cactus, and new slippers (I wore my old ones until they were destroyed).

I've been in total preparing for Christmas mode lately, and honestly don't even want to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate. I feel like as the children get older the season only gets shorter, and there's a mad rush to cram everything in. I'll take even a few extra weeks if I can.

This little sweetie was super excited about visiting the Car Museum. She had SO much fun and it was adorable watching her and Piper walking around looking at 150+ cars.

Have a wonderful Monday!