after the weekend: first snow

We had our first snow this weekend. It started on Friday afternoon, while we were on our way home from Storytime. It kept snowing steadily all day and into the night. Adam worked Saturday morning, but other than that we stayed at home for the weekend. 
I read a couple of books, we made cookies, watched some Christmas movies, went sledding outside (briefly) on Saturday, and I even cleaned the kitchen cabinets. 
We pulled out the Christmas mugs, and I tossed all the pumpkins outside (most of them were rotting at this point anyway).
Now is the time that we start to "get real" about Winter. I'm in full Christmas shopping mode, and can't believe we are coming up on Thanksgiving here in just a little over a week! 

Today I'm busy with work, and the normal "life" stuff; reading books, cleaning, drinking coffee, and planning dinner.

Happy Monday!


  1. We are getting our first snow right now! The ground is already covered. I am so excited!


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