September Notes {life lately}

It's been some time since we had a good old life update around here! Things have been crazy around here the past few months and I feel like life is FINALLY slowing down. Summer is over and we are in Autumn now. The weather has been chilly and we've been spending more time indoors, curled up reading stories and less time outside. I think it's time to put away the water table and pool now!

These two little cuties are keeping me on my toes lately. With Piper talking more and walking everywhere I'm surrounded daily by two little wildlings. They are the best though, really. They play SO well together and it makes me so happy. Adri just got into making forts and now everywhere I turn there is a fort set up somewhere. Next to the couch, near the Ball Tent, under the table. Literally everywhere.

Since things have officially warmed up I've moved the bunnies off the porch and back inside. House bunnies are the best. It's my favorite thing to snuggle a bunny while watching a movie at night.

I was outside taking photos and came back into this. Somebody has (always) been an excellent climber. Little stinker.

Piper has shortened her daily naps from three to two and that, along with her waking up at 6:00am again, is making for LONG days. Honestly, I was so happy that she would sleep for a while and give me some time to get more work done, but nope, I guess not. My children just don't seem to want to nap (Adri stopped napping completely right before she turned two).

But then again, who can be mad at that super sweet and cute little face? Okay, I guess I can live with a couple hours of sleep a night...

Things are all about Fall around here. I've been making all the comfort food (roast chicken, stews, and mac and cheese), reading all the books, and lighting candles every day. It's been cozy, and I'm really enjoying this season right now. 
Plans for tomorrow include our weekly shopping trip (we go shopping once a week) and maybe a trip to the playgournd since the weather is supposed to be nice. 
Bow season has started and that means that we girls our on our own for Saturday since Adam is going to be in the stand all day. I'm thinking that I'll take them here. It's a bit of a drive but from what I hear well worth it. And we will spend the day so the longish trip shouldn't be too bad. 
Yesterday we went to the library and stocked up on some new reads. My book club is reading this and I can't wait to begin reading it. I'm sure I'll write some sort of review when I'm done. 

I hope you are each one is having a great Thursday! 


  1. Always love reading your updates. I keep our 11 month old grandson, 4 full days a week, so I know about those long days sometimes.
    Hugs and blessings,


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