Piper Mae: Thirteen Months Old

A little late, but someone turned thirteen months old last week! I think Piper Mae has changed more in the past month than she has in the last twelve before that. She's still walking, running, and climbing (yay), but now she is talking up a storm as well and it's so. damn. CUTE. Like her big sister, she also has super tiny little baby voice and it cracks us up.

At thirteen months old, Piper Mae can:

Say, "dadda", "mama", "nurse", "here I am!", "Adri", "kitty", "diaper", "bye bye", "uh-oh", and more. 
She can run, walk, and climb on ALL the furniture. 
She can throw balls (like Adri she's a big ball fan) and has a good pitching arm!

Piper loves:

Food. She eats all the time. Like, no kidding, all the time. 
Adri Rose (still her favorite person).
Taking showers (we take more showers than baths around here).
Reading. She loves, loves to read books, and her favorite is this one. We read it a good dozen times a day! 
Music. Turn on the music and she will dance!
Ride on Cow Beetle (see photo above).

We love Piper Mae so. She's still the sweetest, cuddliest, happiest little baby. She finally outgrew the crying-all-the-time/hating-strangers phase and it's pretty great now (happy baby=happy mommy).