photos from my phone//after the weekend

Home again! We returned home on Friday and spent the weekend settling in, cleaning the house (me) and doing loads and loads of laundry.
Piper is currently going through a phase (Adri did too) where she tries (and sometimes succeeds) to wake up around 3am. Not fun. I've been attempting to just try to get her to fall back to sleep, but that doesn't always happen, resulting in a very tired mama. Oh, well, at least I know it will go by and she'll outgrow it soon.

In between loads of laundry, I read this all weekend. Such a good book. Very sad though, and I'm only about half-way through. If you are looking for a good fictional read that is not romantic or mystery then this book is perfect. 

Today we getting back on track. Yesterday I organized my calendar, planned blog content, menu planned, and of course now I feel ready for anything (how is it that just writing things down can do that?).
Anyway, we have library books to return, pumpkins to carve, school work to do (Adri), and work for me.

Have a wonderful Monday! 

p.s. photos from my phone, taken while on our Connecticut trip.

She's getting SO big! When did that happen? 

Taco Tuesday with Julia.

At one of the libraries that I grew up going to.

We one short trip to the ocean. It was SO cold. 

There is a hiking trail right down the road from my dad's house and we went a few times. Adri is a little trooper and loves to go for walks. 


  1. Home sweet home! I'm sure you are glad to be back, but for my sake I'm selfishly wishing for another trip to CT and lots more lovely photos soon.


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