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We are still here in Connecticut visiting my family, although we are heading back to New York tomorrow. It's been a really fun time, despite the fact that we have all been sick with bad colds. 
The weather has been chilly (not as cold as in NY though!) and it's felt like Fall for real lately. 
I'm ready to return home and back to our regular routine because while traveling is fun, I am definitely a homebody at heart. 

So what has life lately looked like for us here in Connecticut? 

Eating: all the good food made by the sisters. As much as I love to cook it's been really nice to get a break and have someone else cook for me!
Enjoying: all the family, the sunny days, and lots of hot coffee.
Reading: I only brought one book with me (fail) however I found a couple of new ones at the thrift store that look really good and I can't wait to start.
Wearing: the same three outfits on repeat (I'm an under-packer, not over). They are basically three sweaters paired with the same two pairs of jeans. Very, very basic. 
Watching: the little sisters just finished watching Switched at Birth, and since I was also re-watching the show it was perfect. We were all able to watch the last season together. If you've watched all five seasons of the show as well, please know that I sobbed through pretty much the very last episode (#trueconfessions).
Planning: on arriving back in New York, settling in, going Tick or Treating, catching up on This Is Us,  and probably preparing for some snow!
Making: nothing at this moment, but when we get home we are dipping leaves in beeswax and making a garland.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. So glad for you...being together with loved ones is the best!!


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