cleaning house (and shop)

I've been in the middle of a slew of Fall cleaning over here and I've thrown away SO much stuff. There are currently two huge garbage bags full of clothes, and two boxes more of dishes and such to donate. Not to mention several boxes of books as well. 
Honestly, though, it feels so good to be cleaning things out. We have way too much stuff (in my opinion) and it always feels so freeing to get rid of stuff. Please say I'm not alone? 

Anyway, I've moved from the physical cleaning out to the digital/online area and part of that covers the Shop. As you know, I've had the Shop for a few years now and some of the items in it have been there that long as well. So, it's time to clean out and get ready for Winter stocking up. With that said, everything, yes, everything, in the Shop is 75% off! 
So, now is the time to snag something if you've been eyeing it because once the items expire I'm probably not listing them again. 
Use code ROSIE75 to get the 75% off any item in the Shop (good from now through October 20th).


  1. I'm totally with you on the stuff thing. We've recently moved house, and I was perfectly happy with about 90% of our stuff in boxes. Once I started unpacking, I was like... "whaaaat? I forgot I even had this! I don't need this! Can we just seal this box again and throw it away?"... seriously, though, I love throwing stuff out and decluttering. It's so satisfying.


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