Book Review: The Grace Of Enough

I just finished reading Haley's book last week and it was every bit as good as I was sure it was going to be. She talks about something that I have been looking into and trying to practice in my own life for some time now. The concept that less is more, and how we so often feed into what the advertising world wants us to believe-that "things" make us happy.
Haley's book arrived at a timely moment, as I had just watched this film, and read about Maya's experience.

With her family of three children and husband, Haley packed up her home and moved thousands of miles across the country. They fit all their belongings in a small P.O.D and moved into a 600 ft apartment with a composting toilet on a farm.
Now, I'm not about to give up my indoor plumbing any time soon, but that is so inspiring. I feel like we have SO much stuff, and much of it we don't even use! Good things, but still, they are only that. Things. And many of those things are just in the way.
So, I've been cleaning out everything. Closets, rooms, clothes, bathrooms. I've been downsizing mine and the girl's clothes and shoes, getting rid of books, art, and kitchen stuff that we never use.

As a work-from-home mom, I spend enough time at my computer, making food, and taking care of two small wee ones. I have realized that I don't have time to be moving all of our "stuff" around as well. So began "Operation Cleanout". While I still have a lot more to get rid of, I'm feeling pretty good about the dent that I've made so far. Having less really IS freeing. I spend way less time cleaning and more time doing what I actually WANT to do.

That's why I enjoyed reading Haley's book so much. It's helping to encourage me, plus, I just love her writing.

I honestly think that this book can be inspiring no matter what season you are in your life. Married, single, with or without children. Living the county or in the city. Big house, little, Catholic or not. There is freedom to be found knowing that comfort and security do not come from possessions.

I know that not everyone is going to be in the place in their life, and maybe you aren't ready, or even need to clean out things and de-clutter. But I honestly think this book is still an inspiring read for anyone.

disclaimer. I think that "minimalism" looks different for everyone, and this is my simply personal experience.


  1. Thank you, Rosie, for sharing this. I'm going to look for this book. I read Maya's post and it is right along with how I've been feeling. I agree with you about minimalism looking different for each person. I am not even sure that I'd call what I'm looking to do 'minimalism' but maybe that's because we all think sparse and white. (grin)

    1. Deanna,
      I do think that most people believe minimum is white, owning only one pair of shoes, and having nothing "artistic". lol I found that for me it just means getting rid of all the clutter in my life, and simplifying. I think you would like the book!

  2. I wondered if it would be as good for a non-Catholic. I have read those that are and others that I can't really use. I wish I could have coffee with her, especially with the pink hair again! Ummm... Haley, not me.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I find that with most ideas, concepts, and books that I "eat the fish, spit out the bones" lol. Even though Haley does incorporate her spiritual beliefs into the book I didn't find that they made it an issue since most of them line up with the Christian mindset anyways. Perhaps some things I felt didn't apply to me, but overall I found the book incredibly inspiring and helpful :)


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