after the weekend

We had a very quiet weekend. Adam spent most of it hunting and I hung out with the girls. Other than heading out to the thrift store over the hill on Saturday we stayed at home. We cooked food, cuddled, read books, and did crafts. Some weekends it's nice to be busy, but others (such as this one where it was cold out) it's nice to just be home.

"There's nothing like staying at home for real comfort" (Jane Austen). 

We are gearing up for the week today (on my part that means a lot of coffee). Today it's raining and that means I'm sure that we'll be spending most of the day indoors, reading books. Not a bad way to enjoy a Monday, if you ask me.

Have a great week! 


  1. Rainy here too, Rosie! I have my granddaughters today and we'll be staying inside and being cozy too! Books, some schoolwork, a movie, and some tea will be on tap here!

  2. Are those lovely window decorations the stars your family used to make? I always admired them on your Mom's blog. Might you have a tutorial on how we could make them? Ann in VA

  3. I love that quote, though the one who says this is Mrs. Elton, probably THE most annoying character Jane Austen ever created.


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