after the weekend: Happy October!


Hello, and happy October! I feel like Fall decided to hit with a bang this past weekend! All the leaves changed color and the weather was a beautiful 60 degrees. 
We cleaned up the yard, put away summer toys, and bought all the pumpkins. I got rid of two garbage bags of "stuff", Adam got ready for his first day of (bow) hunting tomorrow, and overall we were highly productive.

I went out on a limb and made bacon and butternut squash mac and cheese and it turned out delicious (if I do say so myself). Honestly, best combo ever. Now I see why everyone raves about it. We also made caramel apple cupcakes and used the last of Adam's venison in a hearty stew. 

Today is a rainy Monday. I'm drinking my coffee and getting work done early and then we are rushing out the door because Adri has playgroup this morning at 9:30. Then this afternoon we are going to go visit Wesely and Claire for a bit before they head back to Connecticut tomorrow. 

Have a lovely Monday! 


  1. Reading about all you've done makes me itch to do more myself. :-)

  2. We were up at Schroon Lake this weekend and it was lovely. Happy October to you!


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