the mondayest tuesday

Our three day weekend threw us for a bit of a loop over here. Yesterday was quite a day-a Monday on a Tuesday basically. 
Well, now it's Wednesday and things are going much better, I'm happy to report. Piper is napping, work is caught up, and Adri is playing happily. 
The girls and I are headed down to Connecticut tomorrow for a nice long vacation (up to this point every time we've gone down has busy with helping my dad with the move). We are looking forward to playing on the beach, visiting, eating clam fritters and taking things easy. 

Today is lovely outside (like yesterday). I'm taking the girls out to play in a little bit after Piiper wakes up from her nap. 
Maybe we finally have some "real"
 summer weather?

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Enjoy your trip to Connecticut and especially the ocean. I hope your dad and sisters are settling in at the new house.

  2. Beautiful photos Rosie :)

    Enjoy your time away xx


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