still here

We are still here in Connecticut. I decided to stay with the girls until Saturday and then drive back because then Adam is going to be going on a hunting/fishing trip with a friend for the weekend.
We've been having so much fun! Tuesday we went for tacos at this fantastic little Mexican restaurant and then we took a walk by the ocean later.

Yesterday Sophia and I took the wee ones for a walk in the park of the library that I grew up going to.
It's a pretty nice little park and we had a lot of fun wandering around, watching the ducks and chasing squirrels.

My little doll. A grumpy little doll, but still, a doll ;)

Morning coffee out on the porch (one of the few nice, not-rainy mornings that we've had).

Best bud.

So far this week we've taken two trips to the playground and plan on taking a third trip today at some point. 
Adri's been in heaven, to say the least.

Off to church Sunday morning.

Sunset stroll on the beach. Collecting crabs, and making sand castles.

That view! The one thing I miss the most about living in New York is the ocean. Rolling fields just don't compare.

Piper with Auntie Claire. This is so sweet. Piper didn't like Claire for the longest time, and now they are best of pals.

Have a lovely Thursday! 


  1. I'm glad you're having a good time with the girls and the family. If you are used to the sea, the fields just don't cut it, do they?

  2. Love the sea and love CT. Enjoy your trip!

  3. awesome pictures! Homeschool is awesome too! I homeschooled my boys and enjoyed every minute of it. I miss those hours of sitting and reading together now though.


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