our weekend: trip to the lake

Hello, and happy AUTUMN! We had great plans this past weekend to go camping, since it looks like it's that last nice weekend that will be warm enough to do so, however, it was just too plain COLD. Like, legit cold out there. So we settled for going to the lake Sunday morning and taking a hike, fishing, and then playing at the playground. I guess the camping is waiting until next year.

Honestly, though, it was a nice weekend. We spent a lot of time reading books and making food (two things we seem to do best around here) and that was nice and relaxing. I started reading this and it's good! I've always been a big Deep Vally Fan and my library never had this particular book. I found it at a thrift store last weekend and am happy to report it's just as good as the others. Now, to find Winona's Pony Cart...

In between reading I also got around to taking out all the baby clothes to move Piper to the next size up (12-18 months), and now today I have to put back together the bomb site I created out of clothing bins. Sigh.

I think today I'll try to go for a walk with the girls since it looks like it's going to be sunny. I think the weather is planning on staying at a nice chilly 60 degrees from this point out, though (see? I told you. Really Fall here now).

I'm off to drink more coffee (a second cup) and plan my day out. 

Have a wonderful Monday! 

p.s I found a new Pandora station that I love. 

Your welcome.


  1. I admire all you manage to squeeze into your days!! Lovely photos too!! By the way, those eggs look SO nicely done...how do you manage to get them with the whites done and yellows still runny? I manage that in the pan sometimes but these are boiled or maybe baked? Elizabeth

    1. Aw thanks, Elizabeth :) Those are actually soft boiled eggs! I like to leave mine in for about 4-5 minutes and that's how they turn out.

  2. Looks like you all had a fun weekend <3

    1. We did! The lovely weather really helped :)


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