tuesday ponderings

Yesterday was The Big Day. We packed up a truck load full of things from the Wesleytown house and my dad and the three girls are on their way down to the new house today. They will however be back up in a couple weeks to celebrate Piper's big (1st!) birthday with us and take another (and final) truck load down . 
It will be quiet around here in our neck of the woods, and they will be sorely missed. I'm sure that we'll be busy taking many trips down to visit from this point out.

Today is another rainy day here. It's been raining almost every day for the past month and at this point I'm more than ready for it to end. Dreary is an understatement. Where's all our sunshine for long summer walks? 
Anyway, it's rainy here today, again. I'm going to do some house cleaning, make some tea, take care of some work, and bake cupcakes with Adri Rose. 

I've been looking through this book with Adri for the past few days (I found it in our upstairs, buried on a shelf) and she's been so intrigued with it. It really is a beautiful book though.

Other news is that I opened a page with all my Amazon favorites. I'm going to be adding to it and updating it this week and hopefully it will make it easier to find things that I recommend. If you go here you can shop the different categories and see things that I recommend but am not always able to link to.

My new-to-me hutch. I've wanted one from so long and now I finally have one! I love it and it's the perfect spot for all of our mugs.

Shenanigans with the midgets at the grocery store. Life is a lot busier with two, but definitely more fun.

A best-ever auntie.

Happiest, tiniest, busiest little walker ever. 

The house bunnies are pretty popular. It's a good things they are fairly laid back (Pepper more so than Jack) because they have a lot to put up with ;)

Breakfast art.

Here's to looking toward a productive week ahead. Catching up on some reading, a few new projects, planning, and doing some yard work once the weather clears. 

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Your hutch really is a perfect spot for your mugs, now I wish to go and buy one for myself(along with a bunny or two)! I'm glad you're enjoying all of your busyness and I hope you have a great week!

  2. Good luck to your dad and sisters with the move!


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