plans for the weekend

Happy Friday! We have a busy weekend ahead celebrating a certain one year old's birthday on Sunday!
Most of my family will be up here for the weekend since my dad is making a second trip to move down more stuff to the new house in CT, and Adam's parents are also going to be here on Sunday. Adri's really looking forward to seeing her Grandma and Grandpa.

These photos above were taken a couple weeks ago. I actually forgot that I took them until I was going through my drafts earlier. They are just too cute to not post.

Last night we watched this and it was really good! I read the book last year and really wanted to watch the movie in theaters when it came out. However, it ended up not been shown near us and I missed seeing it. I saw that it was on Amazon Prime (free!) the other night and waited until the sisters were here to watch it. It's SO good, the cast is excellent and the movie overall stays true to the book as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!