Piper Mae: Eleven Months Old

Look who's officially on her way out the door to becoming a toddler! We have one month left and little Piper is going to be a one-year-old. I still can't believe it. Not only has this past month flown by, but this summer has flown by.

At eleven months old Piper has: 

+A toothy smile. She has TEN teeth now and more coming in any day!

Piper can:

+Walk everywhere. She's on the move, walking AND running all over.

+Talk. She says "Mama", "Dadda", "clap", "nurse", and "Adri". All in the same cute tiny baby voice that Adri had.

+Dance. As soon as music comes on she starts to dance all over.

+Pick things up, clap, and sing (again, in the little baby voice).

Piper loves:

+FOOD. Girl loves to eat. Chicken, puffs, strawberries, and rice are a few favorites.

+The kitties. She follows them all over the house.

+Water. We have a water baby! Piper loves the pool, the tub, the lake, and the water table. She loves playing in the water.

+Milky. She's still nursing strong, although I have a feeling that she's going to be weaning fairly soon after her first birthday.

Piper Mae has a sweet, happy little personality. Although, she also cries way more than Adri ever did and is much, much fussier. Don't worry, we're still going to keep her ;)


  1. She is such a cute little sister!

    My daughter-in-law sends me videos of our Piper, who just turned two. I cannot believe how much they change in just a matter of weeks. It had been 2 1/2 months since we saw them before they were here recently to celebrate my birthday. Piper was saying just words before and now she is talking in sentences. (and talking... and talking... etc.)

    I think of you often as the year goes on with your mom in Heaven. Knowing the Holidays will be different this year. I'm keeping you and yours in prayer. (I was ten when my dad died very suddenly.)

  2. What a precious little love! The grow so fast, but I really love every stage!


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