our weekend

For this first time in a long time, we had a pretty quiet and lazy weekend. We didn't really have any plans and just took things easy. A trip to Walmart, an afternoon stroll, playing outside in the evening, and making lots of good food sums it up. 

I'm gearing up for another busy week. The sisters are going to be coming on Wednesday and will be staying through Piper's birthday party on the 2nd of September.  Adri is super excited-she's been missing her aunties!
Also, that means get ready for some Piper spam this week as I feel all the feels about my baby turning ONE.

Today is beautiful  (this past weekend the weather was nice and it was SUCH a welcome break from the rain) and I'm going to take a walk with the girls in a bit. We try to get outside every day that it is not pouring since they sleep so well if they run around a lot. Littles have so much energy! 

I've been reading this book over the weekend and so far it's good. A very interesting read. I haven't read anything that's journal/diary style in years. It's bringing back all the "Dear America" remembrances for me (did anyone else read those books?).

I ordered a new diaper bag last week and it's coming in the mail today. It's crazy how after you become a mom the things that make you excited change, amiright? Clothes that aren't spit up on, drinking a HOT cup of coffee, trips to the store by yourself, and getting a solid 3 hours of sleep without being wakened up? That's the stuff to look forward to ;)
p.s. link to a post talking about why that bag is my all-time favorite.

I'm off to drink my coffee (I bought this new Pioneer Woman cup at Walmart and I love it. It's actually really large and fits almost two cups of coffee), wash a load of laundry, and feed my kiddos breakfast.

Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. Your girls are so sweet!!! Piper is at that wonderful stage where you need to enjoy every nano second:) Did you get a dog to add to all the other animals? You'll look back on this time of your life as the best...Anna Linnea

  2. Among things to appreciate, don't forget a trip to the bathroom without anyone trying to barge in. ;-)


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