in the cemetery

We live down the road from a very old, and very small cemetery. Adam and I laugh because the last couple places that we have lived in we have been right down the road from a cemetery. We love to go and walk around, reading the gravestones, and enjoying the peace and quiet. A little morbid perhaps, but we like it and find it restful.

Now we carry on the tradition with our girlies. Often during the evening before bed, we will stroll up the road and walk around the cemetery. 

Our (one and only) neighbor lives up the road almost across from said cemetery and she has a big lab mix called Stevie. Stevie is Adri Rose's favorite and she's always asking to "go visit her" in hopes that she's outside and she can wave and say hello. It's super cute and sweet. 

Anyway, here are some photos of our last little trip up to "visit Stevie" and walk among the headstones, flowers, and trees gently blowing in  the breeze.


  1. My Grampie always said to live next to a cemetary was really not a bad idea...after all, they are quiet neighbors!! What one would not give for peace and quiet at times in some locations!! NOISE seems to be such a big thing with the current society these days!! The girls are growing so well...and so cute!!


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