Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's the weekend and I am ready for it. Today we have a busy day running errands and going to Storytime at the library. It's supposed to pour the whole day so wish me luck pulling two little ones in and out of the rain!
This weekend we have plans to visit the Farmer's Market, hang out with Wesley, Claire and co., and maybe take a hike (if the weather clears?)

Now, on to some of my favorite moments from our week.

This little person, that is swiftly heading towards one year old. She just popped out two more molars (that makes twelve teeth total!) and has the cutest little laugh. Also, her yelling "Adri!!!" at the top of her lungs is the best.

The love between these two is so sweet. Yes, they fight, but Adri is also the BEST big sister and puts up with a lot from Piper Mae.

I got a new box from Influenster yesterday. It contained hair products from Sebastian and I can't wait to try them! Having short hair has been so much easier, but I do wash it a lot more now (as in every other day instead of once a week ;)).

From Monday. Heading up to Wesleytown with my pals, to help my dad and the sisters move.

Sleeping Beauty. I have hundreds of sleeping Adri pictures and am now well on my way to almost as many Piper ones.

Wet plants, mugs of tea, cloudy skies. Basically what this August has been so far.

Favorite baby face right there. Always grabbing for my phone.

Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. That last photo!! You’re girls are going to be best pals for life!

    I thought that Wesley and Claire lived in CT again? Are they just visiting, helping your Dad and sisters move?


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