Cute things my three year old says and does

Okay, so hate me if you want to, I'm joining "that mom club" where I post about all the things that my child does. I really can't help it though, honestly, I just can't. Adri has always been extremely verbal and for the most part, says all her words and sentences correctly, so up until now I haven't really had any of the "cute kid sayings". Well, now we have some good ones and I never want to forget them.

"Puddie Muddles"= Mud Puddles.

"Slissers"= Scissors.

Saying "you're such a good girl Pipes!" randomly to Piper.

When making her dollhouse animals talk back and forth, she makes them call each other "Sweetheart" and it's the cutest.

Asking for a "healthy" snack. Not sure where this one came from, but she now ask for a healthy snack to eat (I didn't realize that we have "unhealthy" snacks lol).

Following the "healthy snack" that Adri can open the fridge she's always going in to find something to eat. Since the veggies and fruit are in the bottom drawers that's about all she can reach. She's totally fine with that though and is always coming into a room eating an apple or carrot (#momwin).

Just recently Adri understood the concept of Adam and I having names other than Mom and Dad. She's always asking me, "is your name Anna, and is Daddy's name Babe (what I always call Adam)? She does understand that Babe is a nickname, and Adam is Adam, yet she still says that all the time and I have a hard time not cracking up. 


  1. The things kids say! Today Israel (3.5 years) came up with, "You don't have a weenie, Mom. Neither do Shira and Tehilla. But Dad has. He told me so himself" (making big eyes) :D


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