an update

Hello, hello! Long time no talk! Things have been super (that's a huge understatement) busy around here. The reason being is that my dad and the three youngest sisters are moving back to Connecticut! Yup, how's that for keeping you in the dark? He bought a beautiful house on a dead end road a few miles out a town. The house has needed some renovating (thus all the trips that we've been making down there) but now it's move in ready and the truck is arriving sometime this week and we are packing it up and they are officially moving in. This decision will be a good one for all of them, but I'm going to really miss them! I'm sure we'll be making many, many visits down to see them often though. 
So, with all the work on the new house, and all the packing up here in New York getting them ready to move, things have been crazy. It's all nearing the end soon though and things will settle down.

Below are some photos taken last week/early this week in the yard of the new house (all the littles love the tire swing!) and at the ocean. I'll be sure to post some sneak peeks of the inside at some point too. 

This weekend we don't really have any plans. I'm going to take the girls to the library on Saturday to return some items, and that's about it. Maybe a walk at the Nature Center? We shall see.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I must admit, I wondered if your Dad would move back. I wish you all the best, please keep us informed. I still think of your mom often, miss her sweet soul. If you ever get a yen, I am in Oklahoma now, would love to see you some time.

  2. I hope this move helps bring them help in their grief.

  3. Hi Rosie,
    That "test" message was from me. I have been having a terrible time leaving comments on your blog posts. They are just not going through. Hopefully all is better now and I can leave comments.
    Thanks and blessings,

  4. O.K. me for my comment...
    Have missed you and so good to see your blog post.
    I know that must have been hard and emotional to pack up your parents home. Hugs to you dear one.
    Do you think you, Adam and the girls will ever move closer to your dad and sisters?
    Hugs and blessings to you all Rosie,

  5. Oh Rosie! You and your girls are going to miss your sisters so much! Seems like a lot of your sibs have made their way back to CT! I’m sure the transition will be challenging, but I’m sure it’s a good move for them!

  6. So excited for them! I promised Mosi I would visit soon! Hopefully we will make it that way this fall. Love and miss you all.

  7. I'm sure this change is going to be a good and healing one for your dad (and Nalia, Mimosa and Anjuli). Best of luck to them with the move. We're actually in the process of moving to a new house as well, one I haven't even seen yet. Looking forward to hearing how they all settle there.


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