Summer Bucket List: 2018

Okay, so yes, I know this is a little late, but since we are technically still in Summer I thought I'd make a little Summer Bucket List. Here's everything that we have planned for the Summer (some of it we've already done!).

Summer Bucket List 2018:

+take a trip to CT, and go to the ocean (already did this once, need to do it again).

+make clam fritters (been on my list of to-dos for a while now, and I really do want to make them!).

+go on vacations (DONE).

+takes some longs hikes.

+get Adri a swing set (just a life thing, but we finally got that done too!).

+go camping. I think we are going to try to take a little weekend camping trip this September.

+visit to the Zoo (DONE). However, we are going back again with Adam one of these weekends. He's gotta see those dinosaurs!

+read this.

+pick blueberries (DONE).

+go to Farm Day (it's this weekend and you can see what it is here).

Looking back over Spring's list I was surprised to see that we got more done than I was expecting to. There are still a few things on it, but we did manage to do most of it.

+Going to see the newest Star Wars movie in the theater with Adam at the end of the month.
+Celebrating Adriana Rose's third birthday the first weekend in June (all things dinosaur themed).
+Planting the garden (we've already started this one, but still have a ton left to plant).
+Take daily walks.
+Visit the zoo with the girls (hopefully this weekend!).
+Gather ramps and fiddleheads (already did the first, still have to do the second).
+Wait for the lilacs to bloom and then FILL the house with them {not really a bucket list thing, more like a life goal ;)}
+Clean the garage out. After being filled with crap all winter it needs a really good cleaning and clearing out.
+Visit the Farmer's Market. This is more like something we need to do a few times.
+Take a trip with the girls to New England to visit sister Julia.
+Take Adri to the aquarium (she's never gone).

Today is another rainy day and it looks like we'll be spending it in the house again. I seem to be feeling a bit better and slowly on the mend (thanks for all the well-wishes) and hopefully by the weekend am all better. 


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