scenes from an empty prison

I've mentioned a few times in the past that we live across the road from an empty prison. About ten years ago New York state decided to shut down a good chunk of the minimum security prisons. The inmates were there for petty crimes, such as drugs charges, and such. Not a threat to the communities and they did a ton of (really nice) work in the State Forest on the trails and clearing things out.  Having the prisons nearby allowed their families to still come and visit weekly, and remain involved in their lives. Well, anyway, about half these prisons got shut down, and the one near us was among those. Back when it was running there were at any time about 200+ inmates, plus staff and correctional officers. 
Now empty, the buildings are up for sale, but the land is not since it's State Land. It's a quiet, and peaceful, albeit a bit eerie, place. 
I took the little sisters up for the first time the other night to see it and while there snapped a bunch of photos.  

Enjoy this little evening stroll with us! 


  1. Wow, what a ghost town! I hope someone comes to make something out of this place.


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