after the weekend: zoo day

Yesterday the sisters, my two littles and I went to the zoo. It's been on my summer bucket list and I'm happy that we were able to cross it off. There is currently a dino exhibit there with large robotic dinosaurs. Adri had a BLAST (that might even be an understatement). She really had so, so much fun. She even asked to walk back through as soon as we were done! (it was an about an hour and a half walk through the whole zoo). 
It was extremely hot, but we all still had a lot of fun, went for a picnic at the playground afterward, and then got ice cream. Basically Adri's dream day.

Now it's another week. It supposed to be over 90 degrees here today so I'm sure we'll do some sort of swimming, and definitely no oven cooking.

Have a great Monday! 


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