after the weekend: in the berry patch

We've had quite a weekend! The sisters came over and had a sleepover at our place Friday night, and then Saturday I took my girls to the blueberry patch, met up with the sisters and Wesley and Claire (and their gang) and picked a bunch of berries. Since the berry place had just opened last week it was pretty picked over, but I did manage to get one full bucket. The place has not only the cheapest blueberries ($1.50 a lb) but also the best tasting.  A huge bonus that it's only two miles down the road from us.

In other news, we've (as in my whole family) been sick with some sort of bad cold since May. It seems to have gotten worse and had me crashed on the couch all day on Sunday. Adam was the best and made me good food and brought all the medicines. It seems to be affecting everyone in various ways (Claire, Wesley, Julia and I the worst) and just not going away. A cold in the summer is bad enough, but not going away? No fun.

Today we don't have a whole lot planned. I'm going to take things easy and not do too much. Trying to conquer this cold is on the top of my list, so lots of hot tea and rest it is.


  1. Could it be more than a cold, such as walking pneumonia? A cold shouldn't hold on that long. I've never picked blueberries. Your outing looks fun!


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