Dearest Adri Rose, you are turning three whole years old today. I remember the day you were born like yesterday; meeting you for the first time, your fat little face, the feeling that I already knew you. and was only just getting to see you for the first time.

I've seen you change so much in just the past few weeks. It's like you suddenly went from being a tiny toddler to a big girl. You express yourself so well, communicate when you want and need, and are our little ray of sunshine.
You love dinosaurs, ice cream, the sun and moon, cheese, your (many) pets, reading books, playing Peppa Pig, drawing, dancing, and singing. You sing all the time, and if you don't know the words to a song you simply substitute others.
Until about a week or so you were convinced that we were going to get you a puppy for your birthday, and were so big when I had to break the news that you weren't getting one. I hope the stuffed kitty that I got you is some small bit of consolation.

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You are the tidiest person that I know. Sorting your toys into the correct baskets, organizing books, and helping me clean the house. You hate dirty clothes, but love stomping in mud puddles (you call them "puddie muddles". You love putting together puzzles (and are really good at it!) but you also love to knock down block towers.

You love your little sister and call her "Pipes". You share with her, help give her baths, and run to give her toys.

You have so many nicknames it's hard to keep track of them all. Baba Goo, Adri, Adri Rose, Snuffle Pig, and Snuffs are just a  few.

I love being your mommy, and love watching you grow up. Happy Birthday, baby girl.



  1. Blessings and joy to Adri Rose for her birthday! Three is a wonderful age to be. I haven't been it for seventy years, but I remember.

  2. Adri are a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday dear one. Praying for you all every single day Rosie. Hugs and blessings.

  3. I thought it looked like she had changed just over the last few weeks. Such a little girl now and no toddler left at all.

  4. I cannot believe she is three already! They grow so fast! What a darling girl she is! Happy birthday, Adri!

  5. Happy birthday to Adri! I knew that 3rd birthday was somewhere around the corner. Israel was 3 in Jan. It really does mark a transition from toddlerhood to a whole new stage.

  6. Sending love to you and your dear Family.

  7. Lovely way to celebrate Adri's birthday!! She is very cute!!


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