lately {just some ramblings}

Just a little photo dump of everything from the past couple weeks that hasn't made it to the blog yet. 
Adri is still sleeping, and Piper is playing, I'm drinking coffee and making my grocery list. Later today, after I leave Wesleytown I need to go get some groceries since our fridge is pathetically bare.
This coming weekend I really need to get some stuff done around the yard here. With Adam working and me being in Wesleytown almost every day there's a bunch of stuff piling up (weird, isn't it, how there so much to do when you haven't even been home? lol).
 So, yes, grass cutting, garbage to toss, and a sadly overgrown garden needs tending. 

I see a bit of sun peeping through the clouds right now and it's a cheerful sight. Now, if it will only stay out for the day.
I just looked at the weather forecast for the next ten days and it seems that it's going to be warm. It may be time to get that pool I've been promising Adri Rose!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Hi sweet Rosie....always love reading your blog, brings me much joy!!
    You are the best sister and daughter spending so much of your time at Wesleytown. I know your sisters find comfort having you there.
    Every day I am praying for you all.
    Hugs and blessings.
    ( tanta_cat on Instagram)

  2. hope your father and you all are doing well..hugs and prayers

  3. Lovely photos of adorable girls!


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