Friday Favorites

It's been a busy (and short) week and I am ready for the weekend. Adam has a bow hunting course to take tomorrow and while he's at that I'm going to take the girlies to the library and to the playground (as long as it doesn't rain). 
It's been awhile since we had some favorites on here, so here's a little list from our week!


ONE| our trip to the Book Barn last Monday. Growing up this was one of my favorite places to visit and I hadn't been there in years. Such a fun place. They have animals, separate buildings filled with books, and lots of little gardens and things. Just look at that Hobbit Hole!

TWO|  this little person is almost TEN months old! She's right on the edge of walking any day now. If we hold her hands she'll walk alongside us, just no steps on her own yet. 
She's reached the clingy stage and basically wants me or Adam holding her all. the. time. She's still a super cuddle bug, and says "Mama" clearly now.

THREE| my mom and I had recently started reading and learning more about the Enneagram. We were always having long talks about personalities, and my whole family is really into the Myers-Briggs/brain typing stuff. Anyways, she had ordered some books in for us to read about the Enneagram and I've been reading a few of them since they came in the mail last week. So far this one, and this one are my favorites. Would anyone be interested in a longer post about this, and maybe a full book list?

FOUR| while we were at Julia's place Adri was so good about sleeping (well, both girls were, in fact). She went right to sleep every night slept the whole night though. I snapped this photo of her and I love the shadows on the wall.

FIVE| lately I've been in a food slump. It's hard for me (and I'm assuming everyone else) to cook when I'm not hungry. But now I'm trying to get back at it and think up some good meals. This coming week is going to be HOT so I'm sure we'll be doing a whole lot of grilling. I got Adam a deep fryer for Father's Day and since he caught a 22 inch fish the other night I think we'll have some fish tacos for dinner tomorrow night. That fish taco recipe is my all-time favorite so I thought I'd share it again on here.

SIX| this little face is everything to me. While we were in Connecticut we went out to out quite a bit, and, since that's Adri's favorite hobby (both eating and going out to eat) she was a happy camper. 
She got eggs and bacon for breakfast here and was eating like there was no tomorrow.

SEVEN| Megan posted this article about Minimal Living last night and it's really good. It's something that I'm always working toward in our home (not that we're making great headway) since I find that more is so often less, and, at least for Adam and I, we have WAY too much stuff. We could easily get rid of over half of it and still be comfortable. 

Okay, I'm off to take a morning walk with my wee ones. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. do ben and aslaug have children now? are any of your other siblings married?

  2. Fun post to read Rosie. I know that was tough getting those books in that your mom ordered. I know you all are missing her every single day.....I lift you up in my prayers daily dear one.
    Hugs and blessings,
    p.s. Yes, I would love to have a post about these books.

  3. I love the little hobbit hole, and would be interested in learning more about the Enneagram.

  4. Sounds like a full week! Your little ones are so sweet :) I actually wrote a post on the enneagram a few months back. It's a really interesting way of looking at personality archetypes:

  5. Hope you are all well and just having a quiet week.


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